Mammography. Variations on the theme

Mammography. Variations on the theme
From the author (book preface)

The peculiarity of this series of photographs for the author is that the words to it seem unnecessary and even the title of the book is optional. But the laws of the genre and respect for the viewer require everything to be in place.
These shots came from the simple assumption that "this" can be beautiful. This - is when only the chest and lips are in the frame. The result was a visual theme - by analogy with the musical theme - and the whole book is its variation. I had the idea that this is beautiful, before and during the filming, I think the same now, when writing these lines. Beauty is the meaning, content and concept of the book.
Size 218x275mm, 120 pages. All photos made with 4x5" film camera.
Edition of 100. Now only 50 copies were printed. Signed and numbered by author. Ask me about price and shipping.